Innovative Service Routes Hosting Options

Hosting Package Marketing Site Order Site Login Customer Dashboard DNS Settings Cost

None Included

1-2 $20.00/mo

1-2 Quote

None *Varies
*API integration requires you to hire a web developer to integrate with your web site to send orders using our Application Programming Interface (API).
Note: once the order is placed, the customer must be invited (from our system) to enter payment information.

DNS Settings

  • *A Record: points to and
  • CNAME: www points to
  • There will also be custom CNAME records to verify domain ownership for SSL/TLS.
*An "A-Record" is optional unless you want us to provide SSL/TLS support for the root of your domain name. For example, if you point to us and you also want us to handle, you will need to create an A-Record.

Support will work with you on setting up DNS.

Web Development

Innovative Service Routes can provide you with a custom web site or convert your custom web site to run on our platform- on a time and material basis. We can also refer you to one of our partners to help you with embedding integration.

Here are a list of partners and technologies they can assist with:

Partner Location Support for:
Myntifresh Designs Utah, USA WIX
Solid Solutions Kyiv, Ukraine WIX