Why Innovative Service Routes?

Letter from the Founder

I went through over a dozen software companies claiming to provide functionality necessary to succeed. They all fell short so I developed my own. In doing so, we were able to fine tune and customize the software to our exact needs.

Innovative Service Routes LLC provides enterprise grade software that was originally created as the software hub to manage hundreds of Cantastic Franchises. The business model has shifted to accommodate other service industries allowing them to sign up for a subscription based software to handle their business needs.

Think of Innovative Service Routes as your turn-key technology partner.

Key Value Functionalities

  • CRM
  • Merchant account integration.
  • Website/software integrated for simple order processing and injection of customers directly into their route.
  • Routing/calendar/scheduling/mapping for large or small routes.
  • Customer portal with login allowing customers to update billing, communicate, and view service schedule.
  • Simple onboarding process and offboarding process (you own your customer data and we will give it to you no questions asked if you decide to leave).
  • Custom reseller URL which supports marketing/sales tracking, sales reps, employees, and fundraisers. Optionally give resellers the incentives to be paid a fixed or percentage amount of the sale.
  • Contact management system keeping track of vendors, etc.
  • Leads management application which includes the ability to store one-time only customers for further marketing/promotions.
  • OBD device tracking system to manage employee time, daily truck stats and income generated, location of trucks at all time, preventative maintenance and service for equipment in real time.
  • Integrated time tracker to track employees time.
  • Communication center includes customers service communication and support by SMS, email, web chat, and call center allowing customers, technicians, and office staff to communicate with each other seamlessly.
  • Customized service reminder system for SMS and email.
  • Service technicians complete service with ease from smartphone, tablet and/or laptop.
  • Software video training and support.
  • Job posting application.
  • Password storage and sharing application.
  • Check writing ability allowing a check to be sent quickly with eCheck directly from your bank account with automatic updated accounting.
  • Integrations with multiple 3rd party providers including Stripe, NMI, Authorize.net, Routific, Zapier, Google, HERE, Amazon Web Services, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you. Use the "Contact Us" form to start things rolling. We'll schedule a demonstration and if we are a good fit for your business, get you launched on the Innovative Service Routes platform.

Russell Keetch, Founder